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About Us


Leading the local fitness industry, targeting audiences interested in outdoor workouts.


Empowering the local community through an effective physical training program; which combined with proper nutrition and adequate rest will provide a consistent and healthy life style.

Our Promise:

We are so confident that you will love your workouts and see a dramatic improvement in the way you look and feel that we back our program up with a full 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

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[vc_column_inner width="2/3"][vc_column_text delay="0"]G20 is a Group Fitness Class in Plantation, FL specifically designed to deliver RESULTS! Getting you in the best shape of your life! Would you like fitting in those clothes again? How about having more energy through out the day?  We use an energizing group interval fitness concept and the proven science of post exercise oxygen consumption to tone your body and invigorate your day.


In each session, you will receive a one of a kind metabolic busting hi-intensity cardio-vascular and strength training workout. We combine suspension training, kettle bells, calisthenics and the power of your own body to make you feel and look like an athlete. Our Group atmosphere provides a fun, challenging and affordable workout, which gives you the accountability, accessibility and the benefits of one on one training without the price. Call 954-357-5770 for more info![/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width="1/3"]

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Fitness Group Session

Your nutrition plan is included. An effective and efficient way to maximize your RESULTS through our proven strength and conditioning program.

Private Group Session

Up-to-four people following our strength and conditioning program at an affordable and convenient rate.

Personal Training Session

One-on-one strength and conditioning program.

G20 Fit Body Challenge

Transform your Body and Lifestyle in Our G20 Fit Body Challenge Program.

Contact Us Now

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G20 Fitness of Plantation
Reviewed from Google

5 out of 5 stars

Sylvia Alvarez
Sylvia Alvarez

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Gabriel and his team are amazing! They are supportive, encouraging, and very knowledgeable. At my age (50+) I wanted an outdoor workout experience coupled with instructors that weren't trying to push me to intensity levels beyond what I could do given certain past injuries. I knew I needed a team that would slowly help me build strength while teaching me how to workout without re-injuring myself. They were so awesome at doing just that and keeping me motivated and excited about my progress. The workouts are so fun and it doesn't feel like work because they are always changing them up and keeping the pace fun and energetic. I would highly recommend this team for their professionalism, kindness, and the clientele they have assembled - all really nice and friendly people.

Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

G20 Fitness rocks!! Every exercise is a journey to self improvement not only on the body but mentally rewarding as well. The motivation, the knowledge
and the family atmosphere that Gabe and his crew provide are beyond amazing! Highly recommend! #stayfreshmyfriend

Gianni Galliani
Gianni Galliani

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

I started obstacle racing in 2015 and joined G20 fitness in 2015 as well as a way to start conditioning for OCR. It has worked out great! I get all the benefits of a high energy class environment with the attention and tailored workouts of a personal trainer. Gabe truly cares about your health and well-being. I get great strength and cardio workouts in an outdoor venue with friendly, supportive classmates and instructors. Plus I never get bored because the workouts and equipment are always changing as G20 continues to grow and evolve. It's an awesome value with great results!

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Instruction Packages


Package Includes:

  • Experienced and Certified Fitness Coaches
  • Initial nutrition assessment
  • Resistance Training Equipment Provided
  • Free Instructional Videos
  • Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


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Join Today

Pay per session Punch Card


(8 Sessions)

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Phone: (954) 357-3770

Volunteer Park, Plantation FL
Address: 12050 W. Sunrise Blvd., Plantation FL 33323

**Go to the gazebo on the south side of parking lot

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